​Diy Cloning Kit

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** Brand new cloning lid.

** color of collar inserts may vary depending on whats on hand.
** 9 hole Heavy-duty plastic for tight sealing.
** CNC CUT Perfectly not hole sawed.
** Compatible with 3.5 and 5 gallon pail.
** The BPA-free polyethylene lids have an easy-off design for convenient access.
** Brand New neoprene Inserts that have 8 stem slots 
** Premium Neoprene is the best material for Clone Collars. Long lasting, Durable, Non-Toxic, Sterile, and Gentle on  your plants.
** Advanced 8 spoke design provides more options when compared to basic collars.

** You will Love It. They work great, Good way to get starts for less.

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 Cloning made easy diy cloner 

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​​​​​Diy​ Cloning Bucket Lids

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  Quality, made In Nevada

​​​Diy cloner

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